Geoff Wormer Principal / Chief Executive Officer

“As leaders, our jobs are to develop others, which creates opportunities for people to learn how to make decisions and live our core values in their daily lives at Catamount. We all learn better by doing, not by talking about  Show

Jeff Cochran Principal / Denver Division President

“By looking to understand more about our clients’ business, we can help provide the best solutions and create a better product. This improves even more as we continue to build our relationships with them.” As one of our founding principals  Show

Kurt Kenchel Principal / Vice President

“Relationships are huge for me, as they are for Catamount. I enjoy doing projects for repeat clients because I can better meet their expectations on future projects. By gaining the greatest understanding of client needs, we improve on every project.”  Show

John Lichtenwalter Atlanta Division President

“At Catamount, we have developed relationships with business partners who are as committed to providing our clients with the highest level of success on each project as we are. These relationships are based on the trust that we will do  Show

Scott Reynolds Principal / San Antonio Division President

“Relationships are the ultimate key to success for our customers. Being able to make decisions that are win-win for the project teams can only come from developing lasting relationships.” Scott has 26 years of experience in the construction industry, which  Show

Tom Seaman Principal / Senior Vice President

“Each day we have the opportunity to positively affect the lives of others, whether that’s through building a project that supports a need, advancing and enhancing the lives of our staff, giving back to the community, or going beyond the  Show