Accelerating Industrial During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic changed consumer shopping behaviors, including increased e-commerce sales and stockpiling of goods. Experts predict that e-commerce purchases will reach 39% of total retail sales by 2030, compared to only 19% in 2019. Americans stockpiling more supplies than in the past created unexpected supply chain disruptions that are leading to
increased domestic manufacturing and additional inventory capacity in warehouses.

This increasing demand for e-commerce goods will fuel the need for industrial warehouse and distribution facilities “at a pace much higher than in the current cycle,” with cold storage demands at 75 million to 100 million square feet for direct to consumer food delivery and “buying online and picking up in store” (BOPIS) alone.

Catamount is well posed to react to this industrial market demand with 214 projects and 15.7 million total square feet of industrial space already completed for 47 different clients (including significant long-term relationships with major online retailers).

Learn more about Catamount’s industrial experience here.

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