Providing Detailed Estimates Early in Design

At no other point in the project delivery process is our role as your trusted partner more important than during preconstruction. We can positively influence quality, budget, schedule and total cost of ownership the most during this phase. Our ability to manage costs in a preconstruction services approach is greatly enhanced compared to a relationship established on a “bid” job. Catamount excels in this environment, and we are committed to being your advocate and doing all we can to achieve your goals.

Our preconstruction services employ proven and best practices to identify project goals, assess project risks, and mitigate those risks.  Cost Control, similar to a building, must start with a good foundation. The estimating team will develop a detailed estimate that guides design partners as well as substantiates the costs of your projects.

Our staff will collaborate with you and the design team to find the most cost-effective solutions. Our pricing always takes into account any schedule impacts as well as domino effects. With every pricing exercise, we provide detailed back-up and best solutions.

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