Earlier this year, Catamount formed a Special Operations team dedicated to providing excellent service on shorter duration projects. One of the first projects was a new ground-up car wash in Brighton, CO for the International Car Wash Group.

Our agile team took the initiative to log and compile all discrepancies and issues in the design during construction. At the end of the project, they brought the entire team together including the architect and the civil engineer, to discuss lessons-learned throughout the life cycle of the project with the goal of mitigating issues in the design and construction of future car washes.

Now months later, we’re seeing the lessons-learned have made the lasting impact our team hoped for – the designs for future car wash facilities include our suggestions to streamline processes. The most significant of these design improvements is the reclaimed water system. The water throughout each wash cycle is collected into tanks, sent through a recycling tank and treated before it is ready to be used again while recycling up to roughly 70% of the water used during each wash cycle. Through logging all discrepancies in the design drawings, our team was able to combine the equipment and building drawings more effectively to eliminate any future construction issues, ultimately resulting in the ability to deliver International Car Wash Group’s facilities on a faster schedule.

Catamount’s Special Operations Team is dedicated to delivering repeatable project success for our clients’ specialty and shorter duration projects. Interested in seeing how they can make an impact for your firm? Reach out to our Special Operations Project Executive, Andrew Mattson to learn more.

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