Innovative and Unique Market Trends

There are innovative and unique trends happening in different market types due to COVID-19.

Worldwide, restaurants of all kinds are focused on delivering creative solutions that drive business during the pandemic. In many cities, roads have been shut down to vehicles to increase pedestrian walking space, and accommodate food hall, restaurant and bar patio extensions. Seattle is permanently closing 20 miles of streets to car traffic, and Paris closed the famous Rue de Rivoli for the duration of the pandemic (1). City streets are transforming into a “place” for people to gather, eat, and drink by changing how we traditionally use our streets (1). Restaurants around the world are implementing “greenhouse-style” (2) translucent domes to help keep diners distanced from other tables, but also allows patrons to dine outdoors in colder temperatures (3).

One business that has not seen any major decline because of COVID? Car washes! Experts in the industry credit this to lack of human contact for the guest, cleanliness, and convenience. Since staff is not entering the car for the cleaning, there is less dependency on labor, and also a comfort that customers “don’t need to have human contact” (4). It’s not a service people can receive online, and the three- to five-minute service provides a cleanliness desired during the pandemic. One car wash company developed a hospital-grade disinfectant to disinfect common touchpoints at the car washes, and even non-porous surfaces like steering wheels (4). The low price point provides easy entry, even during shifting family budgets. Car wash developers have also been able to jump on less expensive real estate and low interest rates.

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