Six Texas Projects Underway with Buc-ee’s!

We are busy as beavers working on six Buc-ee’s renovations in the following Texas locations: Baytown, Giddings, Lake Jackson, Temple, Terrell, and Texas City. All projects required creative solutions for keeping construction areas secure and closed, while allowing for business as usual inside the location. With high customer foot traffic around the clock, safety and protection of the general public is paramount for our teams. We coordinated with the client on all renovations, but also involved the respective location General Manager so they could be involved with the projects directly impacting their store!

Buc-ee’s Giddings:

We completed a restroom remodel at Buc-ee’s Giddings including: new floor and wall tile, countertops and vanities, plumbing fixtures and doors. Buc-ee’s is known for having the cleanest restrooms in Texas!

Buc-ee’s Baytown, Temple, Terrell, Texas City:

Buc-ee’s Baytown, Temple, Terrell, and Texas City scopes include reconfiguring of the Texas Round-Up, updating of food service counters and display stations (BBQ sandwich/Deli, coffee bar, Dippin’ Dots kiosk, and island merchandisers), replacing selective back of house kitchen equipment, and upgrades to the ice rooms. While we needed to remove existing kiosk ordering stations, our team adapted quickly and came up with the idea to implement temporary kiosk counters. These temporary counters utilized existing cabinets removed during the demolition phase as bases, which allowed customers to continue using the kiosks. Ultimately this alleviated major customer ordering and pick-up congestion at store counters and resulted in improved customer traffic flow during construction.

Buc-ee’s Lake Jackson:

This project includes the demolition of an existing car vacuum area and install of a new more functional vacuum station for customers to utilize after a car wash. The new layout improves traffic flow through the parking area and offers a larger area for customers to detail their vehicles.

“We have been extremely impressed with your work confirming or identifying issues on our drawings. Thanks for catching all these so we can get in front of issues and not behind them.”

Buc-ee’s Project Management

All our Buc-ee’s project teams agree that these projects are enjoyable; allowing them to think outside the box, creatively problem solve, and learn how to be even more effective for the next one – almost working with a design-build feel.

Thank you, Buc-ee’s, for the opportunity to work with your great teams on these six projects, and here’s to continued partnership!

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