University of Cincinnati Co-Ops Gain Six Months of Hands-On Experience at Catamount!

After a fun and informative six months of quickly adapting to a new normal in the construction industry, our Co-ops from the University of Cincinnati, Ben and Reid, headed back to UC to finish out their undergraduate education. We enjoyed having them assisting the Catamount team and wish them all the best! Before they left for the Midwest, we asked them a couple questions about their experience with Catamount.

Going into your Co-op, what were you hoping to learn or gain before heading back to school?

“I was hoping to learn more about construction estimating, project management, and how superintendents run their jobsites. I was also very interested in learning how construction varies out here in Colorado compared to Ohio. I learned the most in estimating during my Co-op with Catamount. I was given a fair amount of responsibility allowing me to learn more about the sequence of construction a bit more.” – Reid Fakes, Catamount Co-op

What did you learn that will be most valuable to go back and apply to your degree?

“I learned how each project and each building is different, and how to look at them from an estimating point of view. I can happily say, I got a fair bit of experience estimating on a wide variety of different project types in different markets. ” – Ben McClain, Catamount Co-op

For more information about our internship and co-op program, head to our website here.

Go Catamount!

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